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Friday, June 8, 2012

In Real-Estate What’s Motivating Them!

In Real-Estate What’s Motivating Them!

They want your money, your listings, they won’t be happy until they control and monopolize real-estate! But they do it with a “Mitt” simile as they take your money and take control of real-estate!
What are they really providing real-estate agents, what’s the real deal behind the curtain? A little scary seeing a big nation real-estate website company buying-up real-estate businesses right and left, is this tender to get your dollars and monopolize real-estate!
There is so much controversy over transparency in real-estate. Transparency is very important in everything, real estate is no different! I’ve personally experienced a nation real-estate website company doing business questionably at best, their lack of transparency and efforts to hide from transparency from me and many others paying them for their service! I feel badly for all those unsuspecting paying real-estate agents who give this company money, they have no clue what’s going on behind their back. In Real-Estate What’s Motivating Them!
Results do matter, that’s why it’s so difficult hearing all the propaganda being lined-up by this nation real-estate website company to consumers and to the real-estate industry, we're all really paying a big price! The fact that this company relies on getting their viewership by artificial drama and distorted fact and the fact this company relies on anonymous contributors to be their best contributors? Who really thinks anonymous real-estate advice brings any value to us, or consumers?  We all know the only benefit of anonymous contributors will be for the benefit of the nation real-estate website company itself, not consumers or yours, especially if you‘re paying them for their claims of, training, support, and generating leads for your business! In Real-Estate What’s Motivating Them!
Think about what’s right and then do it; I always say; “It’s harder to do the wrong thing verses doing the right thing”
 Trust is a source of pride and a true honor, trust is power...
  Be positive! It's about a leap of faith, trusting faith, believing, acting and making it happen! 
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